Friday, March 25, 2011

Some of my previous projects -lace

i have long made lace by hand using traditional methods and lace bobbins, the threads used are silks i like to work in colours on some items but traditionally white is used and my Nan who got me started with lace in the first place only uses white silks.

here is a picture of a coaster whilst in progress it was then mounted in plastic and lives at my mother in laws now. unfortunately i made this well over a year ago and i can not remember all the stitches that i used but i can remember that it is predominately cloth stitch which is one of the most basic stitches used and tends to be a base in most lace patterns. lace is worked on a pillow, using brass pins to secure the design as you work, my pillow is stuffed with straw but i have others that are polystyrene.

this is my little hedgehog pin cushion he is my favourite little gadget that i have in regards to my lace as he is so cute!

and here is a card a made for my nan using an engraved lace bobbin, had lots more commissions for these after :) !

for more information on lace making you can contact the Essex Lace Makers or the Lace Guild.

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