Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Craft Space

hello all, i hope you have been enjoying the nice weather it is very hot here especially at night which is not helpful for sleep so i have two very grumpy girls today who unbeknown to them will be having a sleep after lunch.  I am now posting to you from a sun lounger in the garden in a pair of cut offs that i just created from a pair of jeans that a lovely friend told me was doing me no favours! lol – happy days.

As some of you are aware i often take part in a massive global blog hop on Wednesdays where we all snoop at each others workspaces, well i have had a few emails asking how i store so much in a small space.  Well the answer to that is i don’t! lol I do have a small space in the dining end of our living room but i store a lot of stuff under our bed such as stamps i very rarely use but cant bare to part with, and display pieces that i have made for craft fairs etc.

Before we moved at the start of the year my desk was in the walkway of the living room and was only 110cm x60 to get it to fit the space it is in now i has to lose 20cm of that length so it is now less than a metre!! 

This will be a picture heavy post so grab yourself a cuppa and i shall begin;


DSC02374This is the view from the door way of the living room. This is my computer area, i have my printer and laptop here, all on top the bottom half of a Welsh dresser that i brought for £10 on a local Facebook selling page.  Luckily the seller was my friend and they have promised me they will find the top half for me, i had planned for this to go in my craft room once it has been built but Mr.C has nabbed it and filled it with the girls craft stuff.

As you can see this is next to my ‘overflow’ desk also known as a dining table!




Above i have two shelves;

On the top shelf i have a Large box filled with my 12x12 paper and the scraps from DSPs.

The middle box is full of my cardstock scraps – quite recently i was very ruthless with is box so if i was two small to be made into a card blank i either punched a shape out of it of threw it in the bin!

Above that are 3 A4 placky boxes that contain bits that i have been working on and not finished yet or just bits that need to be put back in their homes. One of the boxes has all my Christmas samples in an effort to kick start my Christmas crafting {hasn’t happened yet but i live in hope!}

Then the last pile of boxes in the white box i have my cardstock and DSP samples so that i can show customers at workshops


DSC02372On the Bottom shelf i have my photo album of craft related photos from training days and projects I've made

Next to that is my swap box this contains all my swaps from the last event i attended and when i go to the next event this is what i take my swaps in. On top of that is my prettied up cash tin.  And in the not so pretty Xerox box is my punch soup boxes – this so needs a prettier DSC02373home but i just cant find anything i like at the mo., we have a fab stall on our weekly market that sells vintage stuff so i know where I'm getting it from just got to wait for the perfect thing to arrive as she usually only has one of each item.

Next to my printer i keep my catty box including past catalogues for SU and my lovely pink i pod it is a 1st generation i pod mini and i just cant give it up and replace it cos its pink and has been with me all through college and growing up and still works i got it when i worked in an electrical store, when they first launched and you couldn't get them anywhere that Christmas for love nor money.

Right to the other side of the room where i actually do the creating :)


So this is my desk it is made from a fire door blank that i picked up in the off cuts section at our local builders merchants, as it is a fire door it is incredibly solid and fab for stamping on as there is no ‘bounce’ it has been sealed with yacht varnish so is super durable my hubby paints every bit of wood in my area with this.

The cream cubby holds my inkpads and punches and has a salvaged slate top where my lamp, clock and other necessities live. 


In the wicker basket that i got from Jacqui on the market for only £4! lives my pretty pen pot that Mr C brought me which was his way of telling me he was building me a desk last year in our old place after a year with out one!  The basket houses pens, my lesser used tools such as massive scissors, inky sponges, some left over card blanks i hadn't used yet and clear blocks. 



My current notice board is on here also at the mo. made with SU twitterpated fabric and lush pre-pleated ribbon it will live here for a little while till i send it to someone as a gift and make myself a new one.




Two shelves again here top one has another lamp my 12x12 cardstock, two files of A4 cardstock, my wheel stamps and stamp sets that are retired and i just don’t want to part with.  I have also put my Christmas ones on this shelf so that they’re all together.

Next shelf i have my Envelopes {need to order more lol} in front of that are the watercolour wonder crayons and my stash of tombow glue i have about 5 bottles atm 2 open i cant bare not to have some in in case i run out!  Then my brads and buttons, some stampin’ spots then current stamp sets and my case of markers which house all the colours that SU make i use these more than my inkpads now so worth the investment.



This is my rolling Big shot cabinet that Mr.C made it also has a salvaged slate top. As you can see my dies are on the shelf, my big bite in the side compartment and the white basket is where my ribbons live at the moment.






And this is my crafting chair i actually have two of these but one is stored for now, i have plans to re-upholster it again as i am off red but i just cant seem to find a fabric i love – any suggestions?? it just needs to go with creams and coffee colours as it is in the living room.



So that is my craft space for now, this is where i will be moving too in the hopefully not so distant future


If you are still reading thanks for sticking with me i told you it was picture heavy! lol

Until next time



WOYWW July 25th 2012

Morning WOYWW’ers and all who follow just a quick one this morning as it is stinking hot and muggy here so we haven’t slept well so my girls are grumpy and trying to kill each other over what we watch on TV this morning!
DSC02400DSC02391So not a lot happening i took this yesterday just after i had finished the canvas that is propped up; and not much has changed except that the canvas was picked up last night and the local paper has been deposited on my desk this morning!

The canvas was for a friends little girls first birthday party, She wanted a picture that could last for years and the brief was that i had to include a way to her to add family finger prints so that is why there are some bright white balloons.  I am happy  to say that she loved it and has promised to send me a picture of its new home as they move to Scotland on Friday!

Until next time
ps pop back later as i plan to do a full 'my workspace post' as requested by some WOYWW'ers :) see you then.x

ETA you can find workspace post HERE

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

WOYWW? July 4th 2012

Happy Independence Day to any followers from across the pond.

Here is my mess i went to a team training day at the weekend and promptly came down with a delightful head cold and an attractive chesty cough thrown in for good measure so i haven’t been near my desk since i did the old scoop and plonk before i left Sunday morning!



So owing to feeling like death warmed up and having a teething toddler to deal with please excuse me if i don’t make it around all the desks today you will be on my to do list for by the end of the week.

Until next time