Wednesday, August 28, 2013

woyww? August 28th 2013

Morning Dear Reader and fellow WOYWW’ers just a quick post from me as i am off to look at a new car today fingers crossed it’ll be fine and dandy and i will be back on the road ;)  I have been very busy this week so my desk is a hot mess but i have it on good authority that WOYWW’ers love a messy desk that they can snoop around. So here goes….

The ‘Full Frontal’


But i have been really busy so i have spread down the room…..


All those boxes are for my samples for the Sincerely Yours Papercraft show at Biggin Hill this SUNDAY {for more details see previous post} so if you would like to see what is in the boxes then do pop along Sunday :)

Until Next time

Charlie. x

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Tattered Butterfly . . . . .

Hello Dear Reader; hope that you are well?  It has been fairly sunny here the last few days although i spent all of today working on a festive project that i will share with you soon.  Today i want to share with you one of the projects that i have made for a display for the Sincerely Yours Papercraft show that is happening this Sunday in Biggin Hill.  My dear friend Sue has a Stand of all things Stampin’ Up! and i have been helping with the display pieces for the event.

Now this may make some of a nervous disposition baulk but here goes. . .

swallowtail altered book Check it out at Created by Charlie-Louise Camp Images Stampin' Up! © 2013 05-08-2013 20-22-06

Now i don’t normally mistreat books in such a way and classics at that! but i have read both these on numerous occasions and we do have at least 3 copies of each book in our house as well as on my kindle …….. yes yes i am justifying myself! lol  These books have been glued open sanded inked and screwed up to within an inch of their lives and i also kept a few of the loose pages to stamp my butterflies onto so that they looked like they were flying off the page.  I am not sure if the photo does this justice as the butterflies are suspended above the book on acetate.  I really enjoyed getting to grips with this project it started with a tiny gem of a thought late one night while reading that just seemed to grow and grow until the next day when i got up and started combing the house for suitable books to alter i then spent the evening gluing all the pages.  I went through 3 bottles of tombow glue, 7 red sticky strip rolls and 2 glue sticks as it takes a LOT of glue to get it to stay open!  I hope you like it an don’t condemn me to the naughty step for literature abuse!

All the supplies used, apart from the books are Stampin’ Up! the beautiful big butterfly is the Swallowtail Stamp and i use this stamp such a lot its so detailed and a delight to colour.

If you would like any purchase products used to produce this project then please contact me

Until Next Time


Charlie. x

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

woyww? August 21st 2013

Hello Dear Reader, and followers of woyww? i haven’t been able to join the fun of this massive blog hop around the creative desks of the world for some time due to ill health but i am with you today :) yay!

So what's on my desk today?

WOYWW AUG 21 2013 Check it out at Created by Charlie-Louise Camp Images Stampin' Up! © 2013 20-08-2013 08-56-19

Erm .. . .. .. Not a lot! lol I have just cleared down to start some festive projects today so i needed a clear desk.  So not very exciting from me this week but makes a change for me for it not to be messy in these posts!

Happy woyww!

Charlie. x

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life after the Party. . . . .

Hello Dear Reader; sorry about my tardy return Blogger decided that it didn’t want to post my scheduled posts and when i realised it wouldn’t let me in to sort it out!  Hopefully it will be business as usual from now on. 

Now i have done loads of crafting over the last few weeks; so you may get a few extra posts than the Sunday posts so that i can share all my projects with you.  I have been helping my friend Sue prepare her samples for her stand at the Sincerely Yours Papercraft Show at Biggin Hill which is on September 1st so there are some bits i can’t share just yet but if you want to see them in the flesh get yourselves to her Stampin’ Up! stand :)

So in my last post i said that i have re-used the party decorations from H’s birthday party to give them another life. . . . <br />Created by Charlie-Louise Camp<br />Images Stampin' Up! © 2013

Well i deconstructed them from their sticks and blue tack-ed them to the wall in a nice arrangement near my desk to pretty up a plain wall.  It took minutes but i think it looks nice and it meant i didn’t have to chuck them or find a place to store them and this way i still get to look at them.

If you would like any purchase products used to produce this project then please contact me

Until Next Time



Sunday, August 04, 2013

Its Party Time. . . .

Hello Dear Reader; i hope that you are well?  Its a bit gloomy today so any excuse for a Pj’s and craft day in our house!  Yesterday i attended the lovely Cambridge Crop in Abingdon; i love this group of ladies all so welcoming and its a very relaxed friendly group, if you are in the area why not come join us?  I managed to get a few ‘grungy but pretty’ layouts done which i will share with you soon.  Today i am going to share with you the table decorations i made for little H’s birthday party last month; it was a family party and had no major theme so i just picked a happy colour scheme and went with it we had paper chains and flags and even the balloons matched!


These are rosettes made on the simply scored score board in Dsp and then popped on a kebab skewer i made them in various sizes and then poked them in to a jam jar filled with gravel {from the garden ;) }  the little bit of glitz cam from butterflies punched in glimmer paper, i love this paper i can  glitter without the mess as it doesn’t shed everywhere.

These Decorations have now another life which i will share with you in my next post.

If you would like any purchase products used to produce this project then please contact me

Until Next Time


Charlie .x .