Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life after the Party. . . . .

Hello Dear Reader; sorry about my tardy return Blogger decided that it didn’t want to post my scheduled posts and when i realised it wouldn’t let me in to sort it out!  Hopefully it will be business as usual from now on. 

Now i have done loads of crafting over the last few weeks; so you may get a few extra posts than the Sunday posts so that i can share all my projects with you.  I have been helping my friend Sue prepare her samples for her stand at the Sincerely Yours Papercraft Show at Biggin Hill which is on September 1st so there are some bits i can’t share just yet but if you want to see them in the flesh get yourselves to her Stampin’ Up! stand :)

So in my last post i said that i have re-used the party decorations from H’s birthday party to give them another life. . . . <br />Created by Charlie-Louise Camp<br />Images Stampin' Up! © 2013

Well i deconstructed them from their sticks and blue tack-ed them to the wall in a nice arrangement near my desk to pretty up a plain wall.  It took minutes but i think it looks nice and it meant i didn’t have to chuck them or find a place to store them and this way i still get to look at them.

If you would like any purchase products used to produce this project then please contact me

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