Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Exciting News!!

Hello Dear Reader, do you like me ever feel the need to shop in your pj’s? well from today, 21st May, you can now order all your yummy Stampin’ Up! online from ME 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!
You can find my page here
But you can also shop via the Stampin' Up! webpage at 
Stampin' Up!
All you need to do when registering is to add my name – Charlie-louise Camp as your chosen demonstrator.
Just one of the great advantages of this new ordering service is that you don't have to live near me to order, you can now order from any of the five European countries that Stampin' Up! operate in. Or if you feel you NEED that stamp set or punch after a bit of late night pinning; you now don’t have to wait for me to get up in the morning you can place the order yourself!
You can earn all the same hostess advantages when placing online orders as you would from hosting a Stampin' Up! workshop. 
If you have any questions before placing an order then please email me at for any help.
Until next time
{this will in no way replace the service i currently give to my customers; you can still expect the same level of customer service that you already receive this just gives you another option}

Friday, May 03, 2013


Hello Dear Reader; so sorry for the long break in service, unfortunately i became very ill last month and a particularly nasty bout of Tonsillitis landed me in A&E and spending a night in Hospital on a ward with some ‘interesting’ characters to say the least! To the amusement of Mr.C the being so ill and in hospital wasn’t the problem for me, even as they were hoFriendly Phrases card by Sue McDonald Independant Stampin' Up! Demontror  for more creation please view blog,oking me up to the IV i was moaning that i was missing out on a play-date with my lovely friend Sue and some of our other SU team mates!  I would like to have a few mins to gush about how wonderful my lovely friend Sue is as despite being at training all day she came and visited me in hospital even though she still had the long drive home; bringing with her a card from my team :) Here’s a picture i pinched from Sue’s blog of the card because the actual card is upstairs in my special things box.


I had been due to supply one of the demo inspiration tables and had been working flat out for it, all of which was left half done on the dining table and there it stayed for two weeks until Mr.C scooped it in to a box so that it was slightly tidier in the living room.  Unfortunately i have no mojo at the moment, but it best return this weekend as i have another play-date booked next week and its a whole weekend :D I am so excited Me and Sue and my Upline Bekka are off to the Stampin’ Up! UK training event taking place in Telford on the Saturday and as it is quite a drive we decided to make a weekend of it.  But that means i have swaps, shoebox projects, a name badge so hopefully i shall feel in the mood this weekend.

So in all that the Blog slid a little bit, as i am sure you understand.  Although i was only in Hospital overnight {thankfully} it has taken me a very long time to feel even close to normal as other underlying conditions took complete advantage of me being laid up to take their turn.  I am still not driving but can just about manage a walk to the shop and back as long as i lay down afterwards!  I shall be back very soon to update you with all the latest news from Stampin’ Up! and some projects that i had made for the inspiration table. 

Until then