Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saffron Walden Craft Group Next Meeting…

Saffron Walden Craft Group

Next meeting

Monday 4th July 2011

7pm til 9pm

Friends Boarding School,

Lots of on-site Free Parking

Only £3.00 per session including Refreshments.

For more details contact Charlie

or check out my blog page titled Saffron Walden Craft Group

07583 371239

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A bit of a Change….

Morning All, hope this finds you well.

Yesterday i spent the day with my oldest friend Louise and just to be completely random apart from our usual catch up and the obligatory 'Bake and Bitch' we spent the afternoon reupholstering my craft desk chair and making a no pin notice board.

I have a lovely dining set but we don't have room for all six chairs so one of our carver chairs is in storage and the other has been designated to my craft cubby. Well in the dining area i had covered the seats with a lovely duck egg blue and cream spot oil cloth, but sitting on that at random times of the night ( in pj's when i can't sleep) i find that your derriere sticks to the fabric which can i just say blooming hurts! lol

So i decided to take a trip down the town to the fabric store and get some fabric to cover the seat pad and also a bit of board that Mr.C had got me to make into a notice board. Our brief was simple something red-ish maybe to tie in with the sofa colourings and i found some lovely cream and red spotted cotton and matching ribbon and some wadding.

And this is what we came up with;

The chair;


and the notice board;


and a close up;


and this is my craft cubby now after it's little tart up;


What do you think?

It only took us about and hour and a half and less than £15.00 to pretty up a dark little space. Just need Mr.C. to secure my notice board to the wall. I also need to find some buttons to cover the staples at the ribbon cross over points but there is just so many to chose from in the fabric store that i just couldn't make a decision! lol i may ask my Nan to bring her button box with her when she comes over tomorrow to see if she has enough nice vintage buttons hmmm now there's an idea. lol.  I have cut a lot of white Top Note’s with the Big Shot to use to write my memo’s on for the board

Until next time



(p.s; i am trialling a new publishing software so please bare with me, thanks.x)

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Here!!!!

My birthday presents arrived about an hour ago ago and i have sat and unpacked them slowly and stroked them before putting them into the places they will live.  The box was full to the brim look;

I am so pleased with what i chose as there is a great variety of items;

So without further ado let the playtime begin! lol

until next time

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspiration Struck.........

Me again! lol three posts in one day!
Well tonight inspiration struck me in the strangest of places...........On the LOO! Yes you did read that right inspiration struck me in the bathroom. This may explain why;
This was the toilet paper that i saw and i just wanted to make a card just like it. lol It is new Andrex Limited Collection Bright and Bold toilet tissue and i brought it for a nice change just because it was pretty (Mr.C. thinks i am loopy but hey!)  I came running in and had to try to recreate this some how on a card. Here is my attempt;

I like it but i think that the hot pink butterfly in the bottom corner should be the same shade as the top middle butterfly. All of the inks used are from the Stampin' Up! Subtles Collection on a basic white card blank available at all craft stores these are from WH Smiths.

I have since googled this loo paper whilst trying to check the correct name to type on here and found that this bright collection is designed by no other than Mr Flouncy Hair and Flowery Shirts Laurence Llewelyn Bowen!  I love Laurence as a designer, if you ignore all the Changing Rooms MDF rubbish that they used to do.  I watched His and His Family's reality show as they renovated their new country home and it was to die for especially the bedroom wallpaper that he designed just for his gorgeous wife Jackie. My lottery win dream craft room would so have to be decorated by Laurence!  i hope he likes my little 'knock off' of his designer loo paper lol!

So that truly is it from me tonight, i am thinking i may try the trick M does the night before Christmas and see if going to bed early makes the presents come any quicker! lol

until next time

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers' Day!
In the Camp Household the girls made Mr.C a Fathers' Day Card each, yes even 11 month old H made a card for her dadda this morning (with a teeny smidge of help from me! lol)
M made her's at pre-school earlier in the week and i think it is fab! I am very aware of M's card making ability as she has been making cards independantly of me since the age of about 2 years old and now at nearly 5 years old she has a stash of her own to rival any seasoned crafter!
Here is her card;
And here is little H's offering;

And they both put me to shame as i brought a card for my Dad as i didnt have time this week to make him one in time to drop it off earlier in the week!
I then treated Mr.C to a big Sunday Roast and a Vicky Sponge (any excuse to use my gorgeous mixer!) and later he is going to watch a new film so i shall be sat here again tonight crafting away as our film tastes are poles apart! But i do have the best view from my workspace at the moment;
My sexy Husband and my Beautiful Children! They're all snuggled up on the sofa in PJ's watching Disney Princess Films and as they are on their 4th one today Mr.C really deserved all the spoiling today!

until next time

My new work space......

Hello hope you are all good and well?
I am extremely giddy with excitement at the moment as i have a lovely large box of stash due to arrive tomorrow, all thanks to my lovely family treating me last Sunday on my Birthday.  Although i do feel sorry for Mr UPS man who has to carry the box as nestled in with all my goodies will be my new Big Shot Machine! Yay! Although i have had one before when they first came on the market all those years ago when my little girl was only a tiny baby, i am still SO excited about it arriving! 

As i mentioned earlier in the week Mr.C. finally had time to build me a workspace as he had some time off work well he has now added some shelves for me to store my stamps on

and last night while Mr.C and his Aunt watched a film i road tested my new work space.  I made two top note easel cards

The first one is using SU Perfect Plum and Bashful Blue with the Hello Again stamp set.

I love this set i think its reall 'happy' if it is possible for a stamp set to be happy?
I used a blue button from the Subtles Collection to anchor the easel card when it was open and one of the plum flower buttons at the bottom of my sentiment banner.  The sentiment is from the SU Trendy Trees Stamp Set
i also stamped inside on Very Vanilla Cardstock so that there was space to write as the plum back ground is hard for biro to be seen on. 

I also made an easel card in Perfect Plum and Certainly Celery (don't cha just love the SU colour names? lol!) as well, using the Trendy Trees stamp set, i think this set is my favourite at the moment.......hmm well till my new stamps arrive tomorrow! lol 

Again i have used the plum flower buttons and this time my base card is a Very Vanilla one i cut myself .
Sorry that the photos are not the best its very rainy here in Saffron Walden, and i have taken the photo in every room and these ones taken in the bedroom were the best of a bad bunch!

until next time

Thursday, June 16, 2011

o my word im a lazy blogger!!

O my word i have been such a lazy blogger lately! i am very sorry to neglect my blog so badly i will get the hang of it eventually! lol
i do kind of have an excuse, firstly my little baby was in hospital its scary how a ill a little water infection made her, we ended up with two ambulance trips to A+E and a 2 night stay in the Children's Ward!
Don't worry super strength antibiotics and she is well on the mend.
And i have to admit to being distracted from crafting by my gorgeous new and much lusted after Kitchen Aid Mixer that i got as a wedding present.  i have made so many cakes and breads since that our baking cupboard is empty!

And then our wedding photos arrived;

Just a few to scrapbook in due course! lol
it took me 3 hours to put them all in order and into 3 photo albums so that i could then show them off to the rest of the family.
We have some fabulous photos our photographer Louise Tweddell was fantastic! but i am a bit bias seeing as she practically family! lol

Just had my birthday and my lovely family all gave me pennies to spend on stash so i got to order a new big shot and loads of dies and stamps last night, i am going to stalk the UPS man next week! lol love em in there shorts!
Mr.C has had holiday this week and he made me a desk space finally have a little Craft Cubby now.  i can finally craft without having to clear up mid project for dinner or playdoh time!

You can see I'm in the middle of deciding what to buy with my birthday money!

 its not finished yet but i do have a desk space to work on and really what more could a girl want!

until next time