Thursday, June 16, 2011

o my word im a lazy blogger!!

O my word i have been such a lazy blogger lately! i am very sorry to neglect my blog so badly i will get the hang of it eventually! lol
i do kind of have an excuse, firstly my little baby was in hospital its scary how a ill a little water infection made her, we ended up with two ambulance trips to A+E and a 2 night stay in the Children's Ward!
Don't worry super strength antibiotics and she is well on the mend.
And i have to admit to being distracted from crafting by my gorgeous new and much lusted after Kitchen Aid Mixer that i got as a wedding present.  i have made so many cakes and breads since that our baking cupboard is empty!

And then our wedding photos arrived;

Just a few to scrapbook in due course! lol
it took me 3 hours to put them all in order and into 3 photo albums so that i could then show them off to the rest of the family.
We have some fabulous photos our photographer Louise Tweddell was fantastic! but i am a bit bias seeing as she practically family! lol

Just had my birthday and my lovely family all gave me pennies to spend on stash so i got to order a new big shot and loads of dies and stamps last night, i am going to stalk the UPS man next week! lol love em in there shorts!
Mr.C has had holiday this week and he made me a desk space finally have a little Craft Cubby now.  i can finally craft without having to clear up mid project for dinner or playdoh time!

You can see I'm in the middle of deciding what to buy with my birthday money!

 its not finished yet but i do have a desk space to work on and really what more could a girl want!

until next time

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