Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding day.....

Hello everyone, hoping you are well and not as tired as i am?  Me and Mr.C. got married yesterday and O my word am i tired! lol
This is only a quick photo post as in a few hours we are off to our 5* hotel for the night courtesy of my Mother and Brother in Law.

So until next time

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Refresh.....

Hello, all hope you are well? I am currently typing this while wiggling my feet in my very lush wedding shoes, which i will post a pic of after the wedding as they are very out there and i want them to be a surprise!  Yes, the wedding is only TWO days away now and i shall be very busy so probably not blogging much or even getting near to the laptop.  Tomorrow is full of hair appointments and manicures and a massage, (ain't life hard eh?) and then Tuesday i shall be baking and icing 100 cupcakes!  Good job my gorgeous best friends are coming to help me!

Any who I've had a refresh on here after much swearing at the laptop i have managed to change the look of my blog, now it just had to be the bunting background as anyone who knows me, knows that i love an excuse to make bunting (even before it was so 'now') so i thought that it was very 'me'. 

Talking of making bunting, i made some the other Sunday night while Mr.C watched Britain Exploits the Mentally Challenged, to welcome members on arrival at the craft group i organise.  Here are some pictures;

All supplies are Stampin' Up!, i was using up the left overs from my wedding stationary which was also made with Stampin' Up! products and this is how i met my now lovely friend Caroline Skinner.
The colourways used are Certainly Celery, and Pretty in Pink, and the paper daises where stamped with the flourish stamp from the Wedding Sweet stamp set.  All buttons and ribbons etc are also from Stampin' Up!
This Welcome Bunting is going to have a permanent place over my desk when it is built because i love it that much!  I even made some little files in the off cuts which i will post as soon as i have 5mins to take the pictures!
Until next time

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

wedding madness.........

hello all hoping you are well, it's all a bit mad here it is exactly 2 weeks till we get married now and it seems there is so much to check and recheck!
i have had absolutely no time to craft but i have worn Mr.C. down and he is making me a desk! can i just scream WOO HOO!! lol

this was only a pipe dream until the other day when Mr.C. came home with a tin bucket i had seen in an expensive furniture shop in town few days before that i had mentioned would be a good replacement for my old tin bucket full of scissors, which was his way of saying get drawing the design of desk!!
so i am thinking about what features i need to include, hmmmm.... i think a big shot sized shelf, rails for punches any other ideas welcome.

but then after the good news came the bad, i casually mentioned to my dad the other day that my car had been leaking oil, after a few mins under the car was told my oil filter was in half and i was lucky that my car hadnt blown up! lucky that i had told him really, as its now fixed.

so no time for crafting this week, next meeting of the craft group is next monday night so maybe i will get some done then? lol. everyone is more than welcome to join us just email me for the details.

until next time