Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WOYWW? 28-March-2012

What’s on my workdesk……………Nothing! lol


This is truly how my workdesk is, i have finished prep-ing for tonight’s ‘Cupcakes’ Class and i have been a good girl and tidied up straight away as i will need my desk to lay out the project packs tonight.

As you can see still not taken a photo of the girls for my layout yet! lol A few people asked what classes i taught last week, well i teach paper craft classes usually a card or two a scrapbook page and a 3D item, so a bit of everything. I have 6 ladies coming tonight who are fairly new to crafting and we will be using the SU create a cupcake stamp set and the matching cupcake builder punch.

Until Next time


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WOYWW March 21st 2012

Morning quick post today as i am going to tackle the mess that is my desk i have a class next week and the boxes on the desk are so that i can prep each project and ‘group’ the supplies together.


Just wanted to say thanks again to all that visit and comment i love reading then and i do hop around as many desks as possible but sometimes i forget to comment as one of my girls always seem to want me mid comment and then i forget to go back lol so sorry if i miss you.

Until next time



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOYWW?? March 14th 2012

Hello WOYWW-ers and all that follow, thank you Ms Dunnit for my WOYWW badge that i received last week a little bit of happy post.

So to the desk this week, a medley of shots today just to mix it up a bit


The ‘from across the room shot’


The ‘Full Frontal’


And ‘the standing on tippy toes shot!’

So…… i have finally cleared the mess i made and i can even fit the laptop back on the desk! On the opposite side of the desk is a Xerox box lid which is my ‘in progress’ box at the moment.  These are incomplete projects from training days, possible projects for classes and just things i am generally playing with.  In the middle on my grid paper is a small mountain of paper that emerged when i decided enough was enough with my craft magazines and i decided to only keep the pages i liked or had something pretty on…………….. now i need to find something to do with these! lol o well.  On top of my cubby are some stamped bunny images from the SU ‘Everybunny’ set i have been playing with colours for them i maybe happy with them by Easter 2013!

And you may even be able to spot my WOYWW badge in the pictures :)

Just a quick not of thanks to all that view and comment, thank you so much really cheers me up and proves to Mr.C that i am not just talking to myself.

Thanks again

Until Next time



Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WOYWW?? March 7th 2012

A right royal mess and this time the dumpee was …….. Me!! i had been crafting a la dining table again……….Mr.C started huffing when he walked past last night so i scooped it all up and dumped on said desk!


SO once my croissants have finished cooking {Waitrose frozen section so yummy!} that is on my to do list!

And here is a quick picture of what i was working on when making the mess just a simple one layer postcard to say thanks to a lovely friend and hopefully it will arrive with her this morning Mr Postman willing.


Until Next time