Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday??

November 30th 2011


This was taken yesterday lunchtime i am mid finishing off some Christmas Cards for a Family friend, its a good deal i get to craft, she gets her nice Christmas Cards and she just pays me for the materials that i use, so basically i am crafting for free {and not having to store what I've made!}  I could lie and say that on the laptop was something intellectual but really it was East enders on the I player! lol


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What’s on Your Work-desk Wednesday?

Hello i am getting my bum back in gear with my blogging and here is my work-desk this week.


Well it looks a shameful mess does it?! lol that is what happens when everyone in the house is poorly so projects get dumped mid way on the desk.  And this was taken after all the other things like school bags had been removed!!  As my Desk is just inside the door of the Living room people who shall remain nameless {Mr.C and M! lol} tend to come in and dump their stuff on my desk!!

So what is going on this week? Well the pile of cardstock in the centre is where i have been having a session of cutting card blanks as i have lots of Christmas cards to make for family and friends.  I love my little green bucket we had these on the tables at our wedding earlier in the year full of sweets it is perfect on my desk to be a bin, help me stay a little tidier.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello! I am Alive!

Hello i am alive, i am very sorry for the delay in my blogging, almost a month now unfortunately life got in the way.  The Camp household has been very poorly firstly it was me who was ill with tonsil-blooming-itis for the 1000th time!  Then it was the turn of the tinies, firstly little baby H has had horrible teething problems and then infection after infection and has lost lots of weight poor little thing, she still has an awful cough now.  And then M has got this awful cough too i have been assured by the doctors that there is tons going around and so it seems every little one has some sort of bug at the moment! O well that is the end of my griping, on to the good stuff.

So in early November i had a workshop at home with some of my ‘mummy’ friends to show them just what it was all this Stampin’ Up! malarkey is all about! lol  Now they’re not crafters {although i think i have one converted!} so i had to think of simple projects that still had the wow! factor here is what i came up with;

nov wrk shop

{photos clockwise from top; project packs all ready, our three projects, perfect plum bauble card, Tree Trimmings mini card, Robin Bookmark, the table all set up with thank you gifts}

We had lots of fun and everyone was really impressed with the results that they achieved with the simplest of steps to get there.

If you fancy having a workshop for you and your friends then just contact me.

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