Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello! I am Alive!

Hello i am alive, i am very sorry for the delay in my blogging, almost a month now unfortunately life got in the way.  The Camp household has been very poorly firstly it was me who was ill with tonsil-blooming-itis for the 1000th time!  Then it was the turn of the tinies, firstly little baby H has had horrible teething problems and then infection after infection and has lost lots of weight poor little thing, she still has an awful cough now.  And then M has got this awful cough too i have been assured by the doctors that there is tons going around and so it seems every little one has some sort of bug at the moment! O well that is the end of my griping, on to the good stuff.

So in early November i had a workshop at home with some of my ‘mummy’ friends to show them just what it was all this Stampin’ Up! malarkey is all about! lol  Now they’re not crafters {although i think i have one converted!} so i had to think of simple projects that still had the wow! factor here is what i came up with;

nov wrk shop

{photos clockwise from top; project packs all ready, our three projects, perfect plum bauble card, Tree Trimmings mini card, Robin Bookmark, the table all set up with thank you gifts}

We had lots of fun and everyone was really impressed with the results that they achieved with the simplest of steps to get there.

If you fancy having a workshop for you and your friends then just contact me.

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