Wednesday, May 04, 2011

wedding madness.........

hello all hoping you are well, it's all a bit mad here it is exactly 2 weeks till we get married now and it seems there is so much to check and recheck!
i have had absolutely no time to craft but i have worn Mr.C. down and he is making me a desk! can i just scream WOO HOO!! lol

this was only a pipe dream until the other day when Mr.C. came home with a tin bucket i had seen in an expensive furniture shop in town few days before that i had mentioned would be a good replacement for my old tin bucket full of scissors, which was his way of saying get drawing the design of desk!!
so i am thinking about what features i need to include, hmmmm.... i think a big shot sized shelf, rails for punches any other ideas welcome.

but then after the good news came the bad, i casually mentioned to my dad the other day that my car had been leaking oil, after a few mins under the car was told my oil filter was in half and i was lucky that my car hadnt blown up! lucky that i had told him really, as its now fixed.

so no time for crafting this week, next meeting of the craft group is next monday night so maybe i will get some done then? lol. everyone is more than welcome to join us just email me for the details.

until next time

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