Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspiration Struck.........

Me again! lol three posts in one day!
Well tonight inspiration struck me in the strangest of places...........On the LOO! Yes you did read that right inspiration struck me in the bathroom. This may explain why;
This was the toilet paper that i saw and i just wanted to make a card just like it. lol It is new Andrex Limited Collection Bright and Bold toilet tissue and i brought it for a nice change just because it was pretty (Mr.C. thinks i am loopy but hey!)  I came running in and had to try to recreate this some how on a card. Here is my attempt;

I like it but i think that the hot pink butterfly in the bottom corner should be the same shade as the top middle butterfly. All of the inks used are from the Stampin' Up! Subtles Collection on a basic white card blank available at all craft stores these are from WH Smiths.

I have since googled this loo paper whilst trying to check the correct name to type on here and found that this bright collection is designed by no other than Mr Flouncy Hair and Flowery Shirts Laurence Llewelyn Bowen!  I love Laurence as a designer, if you ignore all the Changing Rooms MDF rubbish that they used to do.  I watched His and His Family's reality show as they renovated their new country home and it was to die for especially the bedroom wallpaper that he designed just for his gorgeous wife Jackie. My lottery win dream craft room would so have to be decorated by Laurence!  i hope he likes my little 'knock off' of his designer loo paper lol!

So that truly is it from me tonight, i am thinking i may try the trick M does the night before Christmas and see if going to bed early makes the presents come any quicker! lol

until next time


Donna Keene said...

Wow, love it! And the loo roll - will keep my eye out for that, would love that in our bathroom! Off to asder tom ;) D x

Sylvia x said...

lol you do make me the card and the loo roll..think i may have to get some and see what my Mr says!!!!!

Enjoy your goodies

sylvia x

Sassy Stamper said...

What a brilliant inspiration! I think many of us have had that Eureka moment in the bathroom, LOL!

Love the card!

Hayley said...

Love it xx
I painted one wall in my down stairs toilet with blackboard paint, it came in very handy for moments just like the one you had.