Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A bit of a Change….

Morning All, hope this finds you well.

Yesterday i spent the day with my oldest friend Louise and just to be completely random apart from our usual catch up and the obligatory 'Bake and Bitch' we spent the afternoon reupholstering my craft desk chair and making a no pin notice board.

I have a lovely dining set but we don't have room for all six chairs so one of our carver chairs is in storage and the other has been designated to my craft cubby. Well in the dining area i had covered the seats with a lovely duck egg blue and cream spot oil cloth, but sitting on that at random times of the night ( in pj's when i can't sleep) i find that your derriere sticks to the fabric which can i just say blooming hurts! lol

So i decided to take a trip down the town to the fabric store and get some fabric to cover the seat pad and also a bit of board that Mr.C had got me to make into a notice board. Our brief was simple something red-ish maybe to tie in with the sofa colourings and i found some lovely cream and red spotted cotton and matching ribbon and some wadding.

And this is what we came up with;

The chair;


and the notice board;


and a close up;


and this is my craft cubby now after it's little tart up;


What do you think?

It only took us about and hour and a half and less than £15.00 to pretty up a dark little space. Just need Mr.C. to secure my notice board to the wall. I also need to find some buttons to cover the staples at the ribbon cross over points but there is just so many to chose from in the fabric store that i just couldn't make a decision! lol i may ask my Nan to bring her button box with her when she comes over tomorrow to see if she has enough nice vintage buttons hmmm now there's an idea. lol.  I have cut a lot of white Top Note’s with the Big Shot to use to write my memo’s on for the board

Until next time



(p.s; i am trialling a new publishing software so please bare with me, thanks.x)


Caroline said...

They look lovely! I have six chairs in my kitchen that need covering!!!
Crafting space looking excellent, and looking forward to seeing some creations soon. ;-)

SarahLP said...

Looks totally yummy!! Know just what you mean about getting stuck to chairs! heehee..

Thank you for checking out my new website and for taking the time to comment.. it's much appreciated! :)

Becki Ritson said...

Looks fab, Charlie! I love the noticeboard!