Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers' Day!
In the Camp Household the girls made Mr.C a Fathers' Day Card each, yes even 11 month old H made a card for her dadda this morning (with a teeny smidge of help from me! lol)
M made her's at pre-school earlier in the week and i think it is fab! I am very aware of M's card making ability as she has been making cards independantly of me since the age of about 2 years old and now at nearly 5 years old she has a stash of her own to rival any seasoned crafter!
Here is her card;
And here is little H's offering;

And they both put me to shame as i brought a card for my Dad as i didnt have time this week to make him one in time to drop it off earlier in the week!
I then treated Mr.C to a big Sunday Roast and a Vicky Sponge (any excuse to use my gorgeous mixer!) and later he is going to watch a new film so i shall be sat here again tonight crafting away as our film tastes are poles apart! But i do have the best view from my workspace at the moment;
My sexy Husband and my Beautiful Children! They're all snuggled up on the sofa in PJ's watching Disney Princess Films and as they are on their 4th one today Mr.C really deserved all the spoiling today!

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