Friday, April 08, 2011

mojo has deserted me :(

well hello im sorry that it has been a while my mojo has deserted me and i have found myself increasingly frustrated with my inability to create anything!!!
normally this is not such a problem but as i am going to monica's regional team training as a guest on sunday i really need some thing to take as my swaps as i'd like to participate in all aspects of this bonus day away from the girls in which i can craft with out a shout of ''muuummmm can you wipe my bummm???'' lol dont you just love kids?!?
so no picture to post today just a moan really and to remind everyone that the craft group in Saffron Walden that i created is meeting for its second time on monday April 11th any one is welcome to join the cost is only £3.00 for two hours crafting and tea and coffee. if you need anymore details please don't hesitate to contact me.
until next time

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Caroline said...

I'm sure there will be loads to inspire you on Sunday, remember to bring a basic craft kit with you, and if you wanted to do swaps there are a mere 43 of us!!!!!