Friday, April 27, 2012

Punch Soup

Hello again! Ooo get me two days in a row! lol I'll let you in on a secret…. i scheduled this yesterday lol scheduling is a busy bloggers best friend (if it works of course!) I have mentioned a few times my ‘Punch Soup’ and have been asked what it is a few times so i thought i would take the time to explain for you.DSC01852-001
Once in a while usually when Mr.C is watching football i will grab my box of scraps and i punch out scallop ovals and bunting with the pennants punch, but i noticed that there was still loads of space left on these scraps of paper and card once i had punched them so i thought hand on i can get my moneys worth by re-punching them with the flower from the Itty bitty Punches.  And because it uses so many different papers and card that it reminds me of soup where i throw everything in and hope for the best.

DSC01853-001Here is my ‘Punch Soup’ i love it looking all pretty in the poly bag these were scraps from mostly the Subtles colour family as they’re my favourite colour family.

I find that this way i tend to use up my scraps rather than them sitting in a box forgotten about.

Pop back tomorrow and I’ll show you what i did with them.
Until Next Time

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