Wednesday, August 29, 2012

woyww?? August 29th 2012

Morning all quick post before i take my girls to the doctors they seem to have caught a horrible bug :(


So the desk is a bit of a mess today!  At the weekend i had started to get cracking on my swaps for the Annual Stampin’ Up! convention in November and had spread to the dining table so the old scoop and dump was in need last night so me and Mr.C could sit at the table and have a ‘date night’  If you look really close you maybe able to spot some bits made from the upcoming Seasonal Catty but i cant show you them in detail until the first when the catty goes live! i LOVE new stash!! :)

Of course my craft spread on the window sill is still there and Mr.C has asked me to rearrange so that i am better stored as i will now not be having a craft room as a utility room is of greater need so until my girls are off and married {about 20years time!} i need to keep my self tidier!!

So that is my mission for the week tidy up!

Until next time Happy WOYWW



Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Charlie, hope the girlies are back on top form very quickly. You and I share a mission..and I have a small but whole room, so I have no excuse. Am very much looking forward to your SU! revelations!

Helen said...

Play today and tidy tomorrow I say Charlie!! Hope your girls feel better soon. My lad was a bit off colour yesterday but he is perkier today. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 72

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Good luck with tidying up then! It really does depend on what you craft with...I have to keep my desk clear otherwise there's no room to cut out more stuff!
Hope your kiddlywinks feel better soon :)
Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

Minxy said...

Looks like a Tasmanian devil paid you a visit lol and bummer about not getting that craft room. The joys of children I guess {which is why I don't have any lol}
Thanks for the visit, Happy WOYWW
Hugz Minxy #5

Cath Davidson said...

Hope your girls are feeling better soon. Hehe, your workdesk space looks like mine usually does, I have however, been particularly tidy over recent weeks. I just want new storage now.


S said...

I usually have to clear my desk too before being able to craft. Good luck on cranking out those swaps - I'm sure the SU convention must be loads of fun. I was an SU demo for a short time, but never got to go to one.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my! You have to keep your room neat and tidy for 20 years? or so? That is quite the challenge. I'm mean, I'm doing great if I can keep it up for 20 minutes. I hope the kiddos are in tip top shape in no time!

BJ said...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get some order soon. BJ#35

Cottage Remnant said...

Love the very busy desk......


Redanne said...

Aah, hope your little girls get well soon! I love your space (well what I can see of it - lol), I think it looks like most of our spaces........I have not noticed your fab notice board before, it is beautiful. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #32

Deb said...

good luck with the tidying, hope you can still find some time to play!

Bernice said...

I hope your girls get better soon. I love the notice board made from SU fabric - I might try this for my daughter's bedroom.
Bernice #9

505whimsygirl said...

Hell Mrs. C,

Oh, I need a good tidy up too! I've been just tossing things in a closet and it's about time everything come out of the closet and I go in and organize. We have a holiday this Monday so maybe I should do it then..... hmmm.

Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly making my way around.

hugs, Kay #17

Tertia said...

Oh my, tidying up is such hard work. It nearly killed me last time. LOL
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #49

butlersabroad said...

20 years of tidying up?? That's so not going to happen is it?? Lol. Hope the girlies are feeling better today, plenty of snuggles should see them right.

Brenda 18

Amy E said...

I hope your girls are feeling better today. There's nothing worse than your children feeling sick :(

Have fun cleaning least you're not alone...I need to do that today too. I haddly have any space left to work!

Amy E. #6

Hwee said...

Hope your children are better now. Keeping tidy and creating art don't often mix well, especially if you add small children to the equation! Hope you manage to find time to tidy as well as to craft!

Hwee #12

Terry said...

I went to the SU! convention in Salt Lake City in mid-July and would love to see your swaps with SU! stuff!


Terry #60

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Mrs C., Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy VERY belated WOYWW!better late than never love the fact your desk is like that - very reassuring :D Shaz in Oz. x #64