Friday, February 17, 2012

Winds of Change……..

Hello, hello, hello, how are you all? I should think you are all wondering where on earth i have been?! Lol well the first week in January we had a call out of the blue from the local authority offering us a house! Once we had got over that shock came the shock that we had to move that weekend!! The house was in a complete mess so we stayed on at the flat for an extra week and cleaned and painted like our lives depended on it and in just 4 days we had cleaned and painted and glossed everything in the house ready for the carpet fitters.  I even managed to teach a class one night that week and i thank the lovely ladies that came for excusing the upheaval and me covered in paint!


So i had to pack up all my craft stuff and move it down the road to our new home.


Here it is waiting patiently to be reassembled


And here it is in its temporary new home

Yes i did say temporary.  One of the benefits of our lovely new home is that it is a 1940’s house with an original tiled fireplace and large bedroom for the girls and a lovely big garden, we also have outbuildings off our kitchen and Mr.C has earmarked one of these as a craft room for me!!

I cant believe it but Mr.C has assured me that as soon as possible the room will have heating and plastered walls and then i can move in!


As you can see it needs some work, at the moment it is housing our tumble dryer and odds and sods which is waiting there till Mr.C completes his organisation of the other outbuilding.  But look at all the light, and the window over looks what will be our veg patch.


So that’s what has happened to the Camp household lately i will be back soon with some crafting i promise.  I don't think Mr.C will be able to fulfil my request at Christmas all i asked him for was a quiet year and yet only 2 weeks into 2012 our whole world went upside down! We are now back to something resembling normal life although i cant get used to all the space we have now and seeing a garden and it all being ours its been 2 long years in the flat it will take a while to believe we got so lucky.

Well until next time




Tina Faghy said...

Its all so exciting moving into a new home with lots to plan and look forward too! Glad things are going well for you.x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

YAY . . . hope all went smoothly. xxx