Wednesday, May 02, 2012

WOYWW? May 2nd 2012

Morning! quick one as i need to tidy up before my friend comes to make more mess(craft!)
DSC01877As you can see if really need to tidy up! makes a change from it being tidy every Wednesday!  This is what happens when you have a class on a Monday Night then can’t be A’d to tidy up on Tuesday but unreasonably the family wants to eat at the dinner table so here is the ‘old scoop and drop, deal with later’ move!

You can see my brand new SU score board that went live yesterday in the new Summer Mini Catty i need some time to use it for more than scoring card blanks! Although it does that very well indeed! lol
How do you WOYWW?? i hop randomly and then i go back and hop on people that have commented on me (those numbers really help people :) ) and then some times i go back through the list one by one.  How do you WOYWW??

Thanks for dropping by until next time
P.s for any one who is wondering still about punch soup you can find the post here


Lynn Holland said...

I know what you mean. My tables fine but you want to see the floor. OMG !
Lynn 53
One I made earlier today

Karen said...

Enjoy your new score board and have fun playing with it :) I tend to start at #1 and just work my way through to the end, not all in one day though!!

Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #12

Laura said...

Scoop and drop!! Love it!

I WOYWW randomly and try to reply to my visitors. Last week I tried to do the lot but it didn't happen. Just too many!

Laura 100

Jackie said...

I enjoy a random look around and reply to my visitors ..enjoy your new toy my friend in USA has it and loves it!!!
Jackie 54

Queen Of Toys said...

I so love to poke around on desks that have stuff on them. Thanks for sharing, I do hope you find some creative time.

Eliza #19

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...I think we're all familiar with the ole scoop & drop technique, needs must an all that...have a great week...Mel :) #34

Helen said...

Hi Charlie I do exactly the same WOYWW technique as you. I am not sure I should admit that I sometimes close my eyes and wiggle my mouse to see where he takes me......Ooops too late! WOYWW Hugs Helen 64

Claire said...

aaah! where would we be without the ole scoop-n-drop??
such is the creafting life :)
no. 82

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Hee hee, sorry but it gives me a bit of glee to see formerly very tidy desks with a big heap on them. It lets us know you are human. The scoop and dump method is how I live my life! I've heard such wonderful things about the SU scoreboard. I have both the big and little Score It boards, I kind of wish I didn't because the SU and Martha's seem so superior. I can't justify buying new ones though. How do I WOYWW... sometimes I go to every 3rd one, sometimes I do all the ends in 5's, ends in 0's, ends in whatever number I am (140 this time). Usually I also wandering around and click names I am starting to recognize from around the blogosphere. I go back and comment on the folks who have commented on my blog too. It is really randon. Once I visited everybody! There were only 85 then. Then it exploded.

Redanne said...

Your desk made me smile! I start at number 1 and get to about 40 and then do every second one, come back next day and try to capture the others, I have only managed about 98% of all the WOYwwers once! Anne #44

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Charlie,

I love to see a well loved desk! Makes me feel right at home.

As for how I do WOYWW -- I visit people that end in the same number as me (which is 3 this week) then visit people that leave comments. Then I have some people that I seek out. I always visit Number one just because they are first. Whew. After that I try to visit as many as I can. Sometimes I'm able to visit everyone and sometimes I don't.

Is the new SU big catalog out yet?

Kay #33

SuziesImaginarium said...

Yes! That's how I WOYWW too! Sometimes the name draws me in but most of the time it's hit and miss and then reading the people who read me...that was a great question! Thanks for sharing #130

Hazel said...

Sometimes I hope around, sometimes I start going through the list, but then go to different parts of the list, which is what I'm doing this time. Lots on your desk today - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

Sandy said...

Usually I start at 1 and go up but this week I started at #108 and went backwards dont think I am getting anywhere fast though its all to much fun. Think im going to run out of week before woyww desks lol Have a great WOYWW sandy #109

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Lots of lovely items on your desk - but yes, it might need a tad of tidying up before your next crafting session! lol ;) I close my eyes and click wherever!

I'm a bit late doing my rounds this week....phew... glad it's Friday! Happy WOYWW Asia #52

Ps. I’m celebrating my 2nd Blogaversary and have a sweet little candy for grabs ;-).