Wednesday, February 13, 2013

woyww? February 13th 2013

February….already?!?! Is it me dear reader that this year is rushing past far too quickly?! Well hello all woyww’ers and all that follow it is the time of the week when across the globe we share our desks in all their mess ahem glory so we can all have a good snoop!

Last week i said guess what i had been upto by the state of my desk and i had some interesting answers; the one i loved the most is that someone thought i had ready roll icing on my desk. :) Alas no it was wadding and i had been giving my staple gun a work out and i will share the pics with you below the usual desk shot so here is the main event…my desk;
I went for a slightly different angle here for a change, there is a little activity on my desk for a change i had just finished a project and was gearing up for some full on colouring, when Mr UPS came and drop off a parcel so that is what you see on my desk a new stamp set that i am itching to use, the colouring will take a back seat now.  Also on my desk is some lovely new DSP my new year challenge to myself was to use more DSP there is some many lovely designs to chose from and i mostly stamp my backgrounds being a stamper of old whenDSC00383 there were no craft shops in the UK.  You can also see some small strips of DSP with Easter eggs on.  These mini milk cartons are what the egg DSP was for i made 15 the other day and i will be further decorating them and them filling with chocolate.

Here is the redo of my desk space.
So i redid my no pin notice board this is a gorgeous Tilda fabric that i fell in love with at our local hab dash.

I also came across 2 metres of this fabulous Clarke and Clarke fabric at half off, so i HAD to have it!! and there was enough to re-upholster my seat pad and foot stall with enough left to re-do them again should they get dirty- result!  The pink on my chair is temporary until i can get a fabric that i love to redo those bits too. 
So that’s my desk this week; i did wonder last week if fans of my clock, which i always get lovely comments on noticed that it had changed colour but no one noticed! lol Because of the fabric change i swapped the cream clock for the pink one we have in the bedroom.  A commentor suggested that i should stamp its face.. if i did that Mr.C would kill me; as these are something that he brought me because i loved them in a shop in our town and their ‘designer’ apparently and cost a pretty penny!  Designer or not i just love their style and am lusting after a HUGE one for my kitchen.

Well i shall leave you now thank you for visiting, sorry for the long post Julia!  Please leave a comment i love to read them i have moderate turned on so we don’t have to deal with the infernal letter recognition thingy,  I will try and get round as many desks as possible this afternoon.
Until next time


Lynn Holland said...

Lovely chair to sit on and chat to you while you craft.
Lynn 60

Roudi said...

OMG I love that fabric!
You did a wonderful job with those mini milk cartons. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Happy WOYWW and Valentine's. xx
Roudi #61

Helen said...

Such gorgeous fabric, and love those egg boxes! Helen, 2

Jackie said...

What a tidy and organised desk you have love how u store your ink pads
You have been so busy with fabric
Lovely chair to put your feet up in
Thanks for visiting
Jackie 3

Jackie said...

What a tidy and organised desk you have love how u store your ink pads
You have been so busy with fabric
Lovely chair to put your feet up in
Thanks for visiting
Jackie 3

Heather Alger said...

You have had such a busy week, lots of great projects and love your desk x
Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh and there was I all taken up with the new pin board, failed to see the clock..ah well, don't ever ask me to be a witness! Love that you're patient enough to wait for the right fabric for your chair - so much more fulfilling when it's done without compromise. Have fun with the new stamps!

Ria Gall said...

Your desk is looking good but your pin board is amazing I love it and good job on the chair you have some great talent
Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
Ria #47

Neet said...

Well, you have me 'fuddled'! What is DSP please? It could be that it is my jet lag but I cannot for the life in me figure it out.
Love your cartons, fascinating as to how many you have done. Love the recovering too.
Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting me.
Hugs, Neet (who went back to bed, hence being late commenting) xx

Bella said...

Great DIY job on the pin board and chair with matching foot rest!

Anne said...

Hi there i love the pin board have it on my list to do something similar. Will get round to it one day. Am liking your chair as well. Anne x # 134

lisa said...

Your chair looks amazing. I so admire people who can sew.
Love the look of those milk cartons too.
hugs Lisax #66

Alison Scott said...

Fantastic job covering your chair. I do love your pinboard.
Alison #76

Hammers said...

Oh love the new fabrics. Didn't notice the clock until you mentioned it :) I really like the little boxes, that you are filling with chocolate, they are really cute. Cx #108

okienurse said...

looks like you have been busy in paper crafting and home decorating this week. Love those prints! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

scrappymo! said...

Those cartons look fabulous!

The chair and pinboard are lovely...makes your room look so inviting!

Claire said...

i just love your cozy nook! and great to see different angles n stuff :)
and many thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :) xx

Caro said...

I love those bright little cartons for eggs. Have fun playing with your new stamps. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW! Caro #65

Eliza said...

Those cartons are so cute, what a great start you have on easter, good for you. Love the pinboard and no leave the clock alone it is perfect. I envy people who can sew with a machine and whip these things up like chair pads, boards etc.

Happy Valentines Day and belated WOYWW greetings too.


Nan G said...

Love the chair and foot stool redo! Pretty fabric! The clock is a beauty and those boxes are adorable. Thanks for the visit earlier. Happy Valentine's and Happy WOYWW! Nan 5

Rebekah said...

Love it when Mr. UPS shows up with fun stuff! Lovely fabric too!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Lovely fabric and sweet little Easter gifts. I love my mini milk carton die too. Thanks for stopping by today.

MaggieC said...

I am another who must admit seeing the lovely fabric and completely missing the clock. I love those little boxes and I am sure they will be very gratefully received. Thank you for your visit, and have a lovely week. xx Maggie #8

BJ said...

Sorry to be late popping over to your desk but I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy yesterday and really quite poorly. Super cartons there. Thanks for visiting me and cheering me up BJ #36

Barb King said...

That is a very tidy workspace. Love the new stamp set, I've seen great cards made with that. Fun little milk cartons, too. Thanks for stopping by!

April Story said...

Everyone seems to be organizing and cleaning up - I need to join in on the fun. :-) I am with you - I really like the new fabric.
April #119

Cardarian said...

Your desk is soo tidy - I wish mine was - it seems I will never have a tidy desk again! A pin notice board! Ah love it!! Wish I had room for one!!!
Lots of hugs,