Friday, October 04, 2013

A quick one…

Hello Dear Reader; long time no chat i do hope that this finds you well on what is a very gloomy day here.  My readers are some of the nicest and kindest people out there, i have had some lovely emails asking where i am, if i am well and had i dropped of the face of the earth, one email even asked if i had one the lottery and run off to some where hot!  If only…!

As most my readers know i have suffered for a long time with recurrent tonsillitis and as such had to part company with my tonsils last month, unfortunately i developed post op infections which caused other complications leading to a second op and a lot of blood loss.  So as a result i have been out of action nearly a month and my computer which i blog at hasn’t been switched on in all that time so once my scheduled posts ran out that was it I'm afraid.  But i am getting back on my feet now and starting to feel much more ‘normal’ what ever that is! lol So expect a deluge of posts from me as i update you with all the offers from Stampin’ Up! and my posts that have been patiently waiting for me.

I have lots of new projects planned so will be sharing them with you once i make them; as i had plenty of time sat on the sofa with pinterest over the last few weeks.

So thank you for your concern, i love this virtual community that we are all part of i think our lives are richer for it.  I am back now and normal service should resume soon hopefully with no more tonsillitis to knock me out for weeks at a time.

Until Later


Charlie. xx

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Michelle said...

Good to hear you getting better :)