Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yay it’s finally finished!!

Hello again, i hope you are all well?  It’s all a bit hectic in the Camp household at the moment as i am helping to Organise a Fundraising event for M’s Primary School PTA, as well as everything else!

The Event is “A Night of Indulgence” a night of all our favourite indulgences such as pampering, shopping and CAKE!! lol It is on Friday October 21st at 7pm and if you are local to Saffron Walden and would like a ticket ping me an email.

Right enough of that and on to that the title.  Yay it’s finally finished!!! My craft space is done!!! WOO HOO!! doing a little happy dance.  My Space has been entirely built by Mr. C. my husband and myself and i am very proud of it.  So Settle down for my picture heavy walk through my little craft space.  You may have seen some of these photos before so i apologise but this is the story of my craft space in our new home, it has taken nearly 18months to get it done.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we shall begin;

So my craft space is only 110cm by 60cm so is very limited and so lots of thinking for the storage of all my lovely stash.  We started at the desk it needed to be solid so that when stamping the images would come out perfectly, and it needed to be durable.  So off we went to the local builder’s yard looking for an off cut and got an offcut of a solid wood fire door for only £9.00!! bargain would have cost us so much more if we had brought the equivalent in wood.


Then shelves were a must have of course. Mr. C hates putting up shelves apparently i am obsessed with storage so he has put up multiple shelves in every room since we’ve moved in.


Then i need a comfy chair and a notice board, as you can see in the picture above i just had one of the spare chairs from our dining table.  So i quickly swapped that for one of the Carver chairs from the dining table and a trip to the Haberdasher’s and a satisfying session with a staple gun and this is what i came up with;



A few months passed and as i worked i tweaked the space a little and added bits Mr. C created storage for me.  And so now its finished, here it is;


As you can see i have padded the arms of my chair as well as sewing a little cushion to tie to the back to make it that bit more comfortable.  I also made a little footstall to rest my feet on (as my feet don’t reach the floor! lol!) it was made with a scrap lump of oak wrapped and padded a small piece of MDF with a few wooden drawer knobs as feet I’m quite proud of it. 



Mr. C made me this little hutch to store my ink pads yesterday out of scrap bits of MDF he had hanging around his workshop its all been painted with cream paint and finished with boat varnish so it is extra durable as is every wooden surface in my craft space.   The little shelves that you can see in the top corner are my little project display area and i have covered the bottom shelf with black card so that i can use it for taking photographs as there is a lamp above this.


Here is a close up of the finished ‘no pin’ notice board that i made the buttons in between the ribbon crosses are all vintage and salvaged (cadged! lol) from my Nan’s button box.  Right in the centre is a button from my Uncle’s Fireman’s uniform with the Essex forces crest on it. 

And of course i needed a space just to store my Big Shot, but i also wanted to be able to use my die cutter whilst it was in the storage solution.  So Mr. C set to work again in his workshop and knocked up this little cabinet on wheels that i can pull in and out when i want to use it.  I brought the baskets and my clever hubby created it to fit.  My dies and punches are stored in these baskets.


I cant believe how much i have crammed into such a small space so you don’t necessarily need vast spaces to find a little creative haven.

And here is what is on my Work desk today;


Not a lot!! lol It is very tidy which Mr. C will tell you is very unusual! and here is the reason for the jiggle in my belly – a cuppa and 3 (!) biscuits!! lol

If you are still reading thank you for sticking with it, i will be back very soon with a new project.

Until Next Time




Hayley said...

What is it with men and shelves? My husband is the same. I think youv'e made excellent use of your space and definitely deserve 3 biscuits if not 4 with your tea.

Sassy Stamper said...

What a neat crafting space! You lucky girl having someone who can DIY (even if he doesn't like shelves!)My hubby's idea of DIY is Dial it Yourself....and get someone who can!


boootiful space just for you, I am sure you will spend many happy hours in there. hugs xx

Maymac said...

You have worked wonders with your little space. Your Mr C is a marvel and you are so clever. I have a large space and I can't get to grips with it at all. My problem is I can't bend up and down and I can't lift and carry things so it takes me ages to get anything done. I need a magic wand or someone really clever to get me set up. When You feel like doing another project I can give you a large one here in Scotland

sandy's crafty bits said...

wow what a super little "craft space" ... and very but I am sure it wont stay like that for long ... happy crafting and love sandy xx