Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 was the year …..

Inspired from Bekka Prideaux’s Blog Feeling Crafty, this post is titled ‘2011 was the year…’

2011 was the year that;

Me and Mr.C got married on May 18th

My dreams of a beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer was realised when we received one as a wedding gift (and we have all put on a little weight! lol)

I finally convinced Mr.C to build me a new Craft space in our new home.

I was invited to a team training day in Peterbourgh held by Monica and Bekka.  I made lots of new friends and was introduced to the world of swaps.

I decided to take the plunge and overcome my techno fears to create a blog and post semi-regularly on it ;).  And take part in What’s on Your Work-desk Wednesdays?

After 3 years (!) of over thinking it, i finally signed up as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

My not so little any more M started Primary School

Joined the PTA and Organised a very successful Indulgence Evening.

Managed to finish and post all my Christmas cards out in time for last posting for the first time ever!

(this is on my to be scrap-booked list)


And much much more, as obviously little H has changed so much over the year learning to talk and walk and generally cause mischief!  M learnt to ride a bike this year.  Mr.C has bravely become a mature student and decided to start a History Degree i am so proud of him i not it is not in vogue but i really do love my Husband so much he is everything to me and he is the kindest most generous gentle man if a bit too tidy to live with a crafter!  He is also my best friend and is so supportive of everything that i do and provides for us perfectly and is the best Daddy i could ever want for my Daughters.

Mr.C supported and encouraged my decision to become a Demo for SU and because of him i get to indulge my passion for crafting while building a business in a field where i actually want to go out to work because it doesn’t feel like work and i have made honestly loads of friends.

If you fancy becoming a Demonstrator as a hobby or to supplement your own craft habit why not join my team of Inky Moo’s?? Email or Call me for an informal no pressure Chat.

So why not think about what you did this year and what you want to do next year??

Until Next time




Bekka said...

Glad it inspired you Charlie! Look forward to seeing you soon and to seeing this done as a Scrapbook Page :-D

Merry Christmas to everyone in the C household


Rozelle Faulkner said...

What a lovely post! It's fab that you love your DH; I've been married for 6 years now and I still feel so in love with Mr F.

I love the idea of '2011 was the year...'. For a few years now I've done a '5 great things that happened this year' list on New Years Eve, but you've inspired me to make it into a scrapbook layout!