Monday, March 10, 2014

What i did at the weekend…..

Morning Dear Reader; i hope this day finds you well? Its lovely and sunny here i hope it is for you too.  Every Monday morning my eldest has to write in her ‘Weekend News’ book at school a little about what she did at the weekend, sometimes she writes out and out fibs, like the time she wrote she went to Disneyland Paris for the weekend…..wishful thinking!! So thats where the title for todays post came from.

Well this weekend saw the start of my craft room build, Mr C ripped all the wood and odd nails that were randomly scattered about the place and then he started to waterproof the ceiling, o em gee! that stuff stank to high heaven!!

Now while he was doing this i was getting ready for my last craft fair, i had already committed to it before i was unable to be a demo any longer so i roped in my friend Sue to help me on the promise of bacon rolls and cake ;).  So my Saturday was all about DIY and packing and my Sunday was all about the Essex Lace Makers’ Suppliers Fair.

ELM Fair

Here is our stand in the coveted main corridor everyone had to walk past us to get anywhere so we talked to everyone :). You can also see my lovely friend Sue demo-ing for me, Sue taught people all about paper craft while the lacemakers’ taught Sue all about Lace.

Now i know i said last craft fair and that maybe the case but then again i may do one again but this is definitely my last for a good while.  We had a free prize draw at the Fair which was very popular also, what i like most about fairs is talking to so many nice people.  And the bonus was for me is that i managed to get a pair of lace bobbins with a lovely bumble be painted on them.

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Zoë said...

Fab stand I hope it brings in lots of business for you. Zx