Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am having a Sale!

Morning all sorry for the lack of posts this week and i was doing so well last week with a post nearly everyday!
Apart from having a new laptop to set up, thanks to Mr.C for treating me but my word is it so much hassle to get it all set up like my comfy old laptop that is the same age as my eldest daughter!
I am also fighting a nasty chest infection coupled with tonsilitis and an ear infection my darling husband works in a school and brings home all his germs!!
i do feel i am on the mend now well i am out of bed today at least but alas there has been no crafting so no projects to show you today.
i do have some saved on my camera but i need to load my camera onto the laptop so bear with me and i'll get them uploaded as soon as poss.

As many of you know i am changing my personal stash to Stampin' Up! products this means i have a LOT of stash to sell now i have sold a lot through ebay and other forums but i do have some left you can see the items using this link;
if you would like anything please email me at

please help me if you can clear some space so i can fit my new bits in :)

until next time


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