Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time for a Change.....

As regular visitors may have noticed i have made a few changes to the 'look' of my blog.  If you popped by this morning you may have seen it in the many phases as i tried out litterally hundreds of different themes in my quest for the perfect one.

I have learnt how to customise the Header today fro a great tutorial on the blog template website, a great acheivement for a technophobe like me.
I have also added a page for my upcomming classes, with more pages to follow soon.

I do hope that you like my new look and i appriciate any feedback you may want to give me.

Until next time



Caroline said...

Love the new look Charlie x

Linny said...

Your blog looks great. I love the header. Linda x

Rozelle Faulkner said...

I really love your new look blog - so cute!