Monday, June 09, 2014

Baroque Thank You Notecard {Photo Tutorial}

Hello Dear Reader, i am back today with the photo tutorial for the card that i shared yesterday.  This will be picture heavy so grab a cup of something yummy, for me todays its Fortnum’s Darjeeling Bop.  Here we go ….

baroque thank you tutorial

baroque thank you step 1

Now as this is a one layer card and we want to use only half of some of the images we need to make a mask on the card.  The easiest way to do this is with post it notes.  Place the post its along the crease of the notecard.

baroque thank you step 2

baroque thank you step 3

baroque thank you step 4

baroque thank you step 5

baroque thank you step 6

baroque thank you step 7

Finish off with a little bling, i just randomly popped some rhinestones on there was no grand plan just where they looked right.

baroque thank you and your finished

I hope that you enjoyed that tutorial, it is a very quick card i managed to knock up 8 in about half an hour.

Well until next time


Charlie. x

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