Monday, June 30, 2014


Morning Dear Reader, now does the title of the blog strike fear in to you or are you okay with the whole Journaling thing?

I think a lot of the time we over think the whole journaling thing.  Its personal preference really, but i do think its nice that in years to come our great grandchildren will know what our handwriting looks like.  Even if you only write the date and place where the photo was taken, that IS journaling.

A friend of mine had an upsetting incident at a crop day where she was berated by another scrapper, because she choses not to journal on her pages and doesn’t always add a title either.  Now not only do i feel for my friend a public telling off doesn’t help anyone but no one should tell you how you should preserve your memories. 

I am in two camps with my journaling on my traditional pages i rarely journal, i like the photos to do the talking.  But in my mini books and journals i tend to journal a bit more. 


Here are some examples of my journaling.  This is the inside of my Star This and That.  I don’t plan it to any degree i just collect together the photos from that day and any extra bits like tickets, postcards etc.

Then i just start with adding the date on the photos, including the location. And any bits you can remember about the day, such as funny things that were said or something that went wrong.

That is why i like the journals because they are quick to put together i tend to do them either the day after or even the day of the event {depends on if Boots are open ; ) }

My quick tips are the same as when we had to do comprehension at primary school :)

When, Where, Who and What.

very simple but gives you enough details to create a great page.

I hope that helps, or maybe it was just me waffling again.

Until next time


Charlie x

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nikkib said...

Everyone is different and that's what I like about crafting. ... everyone has different styles and likes... no one should be told of for what they want to do. ...
Love small journals. ..I got my hands on one of these journals and can't wait to fill it up. ....
Thanks for sharing x